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The Most Powerful Natural Remedy To Improve Your Sex Life!

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Keep a STRONGER, more POWERFUL and LONGER erection!
Delay Ejaculation from 3 to 4 Hours depending on the applied quantity



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We are the BIGGEST Jamaican Stone Supplier on the Net

The most Powerful & Efficient natural remedy to Stop Premature Ejaculation


Improve your sexual performance like never before ! 


There are many alternatives on the market to remedy or stop the problems of premature ejaculation, such as aphrodisiacs, which are supposed to have extraordinary virtues (for example Stud 100). However, the pharmaceutical Lobby only sells in our opinion dream to million of men who really suffer from these disorders.


However, nowadays, there is no existing product on the market, which offers as incredible effects as the Jamaican Stone does. This is the reason why, we decided to commercialize Jamaican Stone in order to help the million of men in the whole world willing to fully satisfy themselves and their partner! Indeed, still unknown in Europe and America, the Jamaican Stone has been used for centuries in Jamaica and Asian countries. Moreover, the Jamaican Black Stone tends to become the most wanted product in the world much better Stud 100, by men who want to better, improve and spice up their sex life, their sexual performances and last but not least, stop premature ejaculation problems. It's now possible with Jamaican Stone !


Jamaican Black Stone is the most natural efficient mean to maintain a stronger, more powerful erection, all of that, instantly. Jamaican Stone also delays ejaculation, in order to enable men to control, stop and eradicate premature ejaculation much better than Stud 100. Jamaican Stone is a 100% natural product, made from the concentrated  sap of a tree which only grows in Asia and Jamaica. 


Its natural properties make this authentic product much more powerful, efficient and reliable than any other kind of product claiming to eliminate premature ejaculation, or even promising incredible erections, thanks to magic pills. These pills or whatever chemical products are sometimes and most of the time harmful to health.


This is the reason why, we are willing to make Jamaican Stone, even if it is unique, a product available to everybody and at an affordable price.




Main Effects of the Jamaican Stone



Jamaican Stone is directly applied on the penis. Its effect is immediate: you only have to wait for 15 minutes after the application, to feel an intense heat on your penis. Then, you can rinse your penis. Automatically, you will be able to have a stronger, more powerful and controlled erection.


Thus, thanks to Jamaican Black Stone your sexual intercourses will be last from 3 to 4 hours longer depending on the dose you have applied (for further details, please visit our «About Jamaican Stone » page).

We are the Biggest Jamaican Stone wholesaler on the Net.

Buy Jamaican Stone for only $16 per unit (12£)

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We are the BIGGEST Jamaican Stone  supplier on the net.

Geographical origins of Jamaican Stone Europe & Worldwide users in 2018 

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Indeed, you were a lot (6 372 users including 1 248 in Europe) this year to trust Jamaican Stone Europe.


We thank you for your trust and we engage ourselves to keep on providing you with the highest quality of Jamaican Stone at the best price on the market.

We are the Biggest Jamaican Stone wholesaler on the Net.


Buy Jamaican Stone for only $16 per unit (12£).

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What our clients say about Jamaican Black Stone:

"Jamaican Stone is just so great! I had no particular ejaculation problem but now, thanks to Jamaican Stone I can give pleasure to my girlfriend and myself more than 2 hours. So yes, it’s exhausting but so good" 

- Aymeric B.

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Improve your sexual performance like never before ! 

Jamaican Stone is the most natural efficient mean to maintain a stronger, more powerful erection, all of that, instantly.

\ Buy Jamaican Stone for only $16 per unit (£12)

Key numbers about premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction

Medical researches conclude that 45% of men have already suffered from premature ejaculation at least one in their life or are no longer able to handle and control  their orgasms. 


Indeed, it is not uncommon for a man to ejaculate quickly because of excitation. Nevertheless, outside the psychological element we often forget that the stimulation of the penis plays a fundamental role as well as the psychological side. This is where the amazing effects of Jamaican Stone intervin. Why? Because with Jamaican Stone you can keepd a stronger, more powerful and stronger erection!


Even if you do not suffer from premature ejaculation, Jamaican Black Stone will allow you to fully satisfy your partner and will make you become almost inexhaustible! Indeed, wether you usually ejaculate after after 5 or 30 minutes, Jamaican Stone will give you the capacity to last up to 3 or 4 hours depending on the dosage and much better than Stud 100 (Consult « How to » for more information).

We are the Biggest Jamaican Stone wholesaler on the Net.

Buy Jamaican Stone for only $16 per unit (12£)

You will not regret it!

Key numbers about Premature ejaculation
Why use the Jamaican Stone?
Why use the Jamaican Stone?

The substance to obtain Jamaican Stone is totally natural. As mentioned above, it has been used for centuries by Asian people for different reasons, the main one is for delay ejaculation, increase a spectacular way your performance sexual and totally control your erection


Although Jamaican Stone is not as well known as products such as Stud 100 (whose effects are minimal and lasts only 15 minutes) on the market, Jamaican Stone is becoming the most popular product on the planet. Its low price should also persuade anyone to try it. 



Advantages of the Jamaican Stone on Sexual Life


  • It is a natural substance.

  • Jamaican Stone is easy to use.

  • It is fast-acting.

  • Products are affordable.

  • Delay ejaculation for up to 4 Hours

  • Increase your sexual self confidence

  • Stop Premature ejaculation!

  • Gain a harder erection to give maximum pleasure.

  • Prolong you and your partners Sexual activity

  • Increase the sensation to your penis

The importance of maintaining an extended erection

A word about the Deep Spot

We often talk about the G spot and the clitoris but we never talk about the « deep spot ». The deep spot describes particularly the bottom of the vagina.The Deep Spot is an erogenous zone which procures ultra-powerful feminine orgasms. Very few men know this other erogenous zone of the woman’s body, which yet does wonders.


Indeed, the deep sport is a zone situated at the bottom of the vagina near the uterus cervix. It owns two spots particularly sensitive : the front end and the back end. We usually talk about « the front deep spot » and « the back deep spot ». All women are not as sensitive as each others at this area, but most of them succeed to get intense and quick orgasms when their front deep spot is stimulated.


To get it , there are two alternatives : either by the stimulation of one of these zones with your finger by pressing on it, either by getting to make love to your partner long enough so that you stimulate the zone as possible to provide to your partner an ultra-powerful orgasm !


This is the reason why the use of the Jamaican Stone will give you significant advantage : indeed, the Jamaican Stone will enable you to keep a stronger, more powerful erection and your ejaculation will be totally mastered ! You will be able to certainly get your partner to seventh  heaven !


For further information on the Deep Spot, get informed on the Internet !

We are the Biggest Jamaican Stone wholesaler on the Net.


Buy Jamaican Stone for only $16 per unit (12£)

Front of deep spot and Back of deep spot

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