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How to use the Jamaican Stone?

We provide you with a detailed, well described report on the use of Jamaican Stone! Here are the different steps to follow in order to ensure and take benefit from the optimal efficiency of Jamaican Stone. To allow you to maintain a stronger erection, to stop your premature ejaculation problems instantly or to simply improve your sexuality! 



Our product is 100% effective! One Jamaican Stone can be use 15 times ! You will be surprised by the effects of Jamaican Stone!

How to use Jamaican Stone 1

1: Deposit the equivalent of 5 drops in the palm of your hand (the equivalent of a plug of water). 


Be careful not to spill the water off your hand.


How to use Jamaican Stone 2

2: Drop Jamaican Stone in your hand and gently wipe the Jamaican Stone during 15 seconds in contact with water that is in the palm of your hand. Then, remove the stone off your hand, always be careful not  to spill the gray liquid obtained in step 2. 


During this step, the most important is to not spill the liquid that is released from the Jamaican Stone in contact with water. Indeed, it is this gray liquid that will help you prolong your lovemaking up to 4 hours! 


Important Note: the more you will rub Jamaican Stone in contact with water, the longer the effect of Jamaican Stone will last! However, we recommend that you first use our method. Then, if you feel that your performance is not optimal, you can  apply the Jamaican Stone about 40 seconds instead of 15 seconds.  

How to use Jamaican Stone 3

3: Take your penis, pull back the foreskin, and put your penis in the palm of your hand in order to humidify it with the product. 


To moisten your blank and allow the product to be effective, just dip your penis in the palm of your hand. 


Once the operation is completed, wash your hands.

How to use Jamaican Stone 4

4: Wait about 20 minutes, normally, after this labs of time, you will   experience the amazing effects of Jamaican Stone. You will feel a warm sensation, like a heat, on your sex. This is totally normal. Then rinse your penis and please your partner!


From the moment you rinse your penis, you can immediately make love with your partner without using any protection! Indeed, rinsing with water avoids the product  to not longer be present neither on your hands or on your penis.