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Frequently Asked Questions about Jamaican Stone

You will find below a list of questions that are frequently asked by our visitors or customers who bought Jamaican Stone. 


If a question you ask about Jamaican Stone is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us. We will reply within 24 hours.

1. How does Jamaican Stone work?

By a simple application on the skin of the penis. After application, a warm feeling in your penis may appear. This is normal. This indicates that the effects of the Jamaican Stone is currently operating. This sensation will disappear after a few minutes.

3. It is a cure against premature ejaculation?


No. Jamaican Stone is not a cure for men who suffer premature ejaculation. However, Jamaican Stone have very positive effects on men who have this disorder.

5. Can I use Jamaican Stone without a condom?


Yes, you can use Jamaican Stone with or without condom.

What matters is that you are you flushed the penis after application. However, the Jamaican Stone should never be eaten.

7. What countries do you deliver?

We deliver all countries inside and outside the European Union, with some exceptions.

2. Do I need suffer premature ejculation to use it?

Not at all. Jamaican Stone will boost your sexual potential even if you are not a premature ejaculator. In both cases, incredible effects will improve your sex life like never before!

4. Can I have oral sex, Anal sex, if I use Jamaican Stone?


Yes, provided that after the application of the Jamaican Stone you have thoroughly whashed your penis. In addition, you should never swallow Jamaican Stone.

6. How long does the effectS of Jamaican Stone does last?

The effect of Jamaican Stone is variable depending on the quantity of the Jamaican Stone you have applied, as indicated in the section How to use Jamaican Stone. However, the effects wear off after 4 hours after the application of Jamaican Stone.

8.  If the product does not have the desired effects, what can you do?

If our Jamaican Stone does not meet your expectations, we will refund on request by returning the product. The charges occasioned will be your responsibility.

9. Can we swallow Jamaican Stone?

No. You also need to keep it safe from children. In the case you have swallowed Jamaican Stone, seek medical advice immediatly or go to the emergency. We disclaim all responsibility for misuse of our product.

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