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The Ultimate Delaying Solution For Men 

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Origins of Jamaican Stone





Origins of Jamaican Stone


Jamaican Stone is a concentrate of natural ingredients extracted from natural plants which only grow in the equatorial area because of climatic reasons. This concentrate is odorless and has no expiration date.


The ingredient obtained thanks to this concentrate, enables a powerful penis’ stimulation, increase the intensity of the erection and delays ejaculation without any alteration at all of your sensitivity, much better than Stud 100. On the contrary, they are completely intact.


Originally, used by herbalists in Asia, this concentrated sap which enables to get Jamaican Stone became popular and was then sold and spread by herbalists in some Asian countries including China. Since then, though still barely known, Jamaican Stone tends to reach all countries in the World because of the incredible effects afforded by its use. Indeed, Jamaican Stone is helpful for premature ejaculation but not only. Jamaican Stone also prolongates the erection from several minutes to several hours depending on the quantity applied and according to the anatomy of the user, much better than Stud 100.


Because of its amazing effects and its growing popularity, Jamaican Stone is becoming the most popular, sought after and innovative product in the world to help men boosting their sexuality like never before!


This website was created because we are strongly persuaded and convinced of the efficiency of the Jamaican stone. We want to help the million of men, who encounter at a moment or another in their life any kind of ejaculation problems or men who simply want to increase their sexual potential and libido unlike Stud 100.


Why use the Jamaican Stone?


The substance to obtain Jamaican Stone is totally natural. As mentioned above, it has been used for centuries by Asian people for different reasons, the main one is for delay ejaculation, increase a spectacular way your performance sexual and totally control your erection. 


Although Jamaican Stone is not as well known as products such as Stud 100 (whose effects are minimal and lasts only 15 minutes) on the market, Jamaican Stone is becoming the most popular product on the planet.


Its low price should also persuade anyone to try it. 

Jamaican Stone Main Effects


Jamaican Stone is applied directly to the penis penis. Its effects are immediate (unlike Stud 100). Indeed, just wait 15 minutes after application to feel a sensation of warm in your penis before rinse your penis. Automatically, you will feel the incredible effects Jamaican Stone and keep a harder, more powerful and totally Row Controlled erection. 


Finally, Jamaican Stone has the capicity to prolonged your erection for 3 to 4 hours depending on the applied dose. Note that each Jamaican Stone can be used 15 times simultaneously, unlike Stud 100 which takes only 15 minutes (for more details, please visit the "How to use Jamaican Stone").

Jamaican stone Rock
Jamaican stone Rock

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